Development Toolkit

Webhooks & rate limit

Webhooks can notify your app when something happens with your add-on (e.g. a started timer or a created entry).

Webhooks available in Marketplace:

  • Timer started/stopped (me/anyone)
  • Time entry created manually/updated/deleted (me/anyone)
  • Client/project/task/tag created on workspace
  • Client/project/task/tag updated/deleted on workspace
  • Group created/updated/deleted
  • User created/updated
  • Invoice created/updated on workspace
  • Time approval submitted/approved/rejected/withdrawn/updated
  • Time off requested/approved/rejected/withdrawn and balance updated
  • User created/updated/joined/invited/activated/deactivated/mail changed
  • Expense created/updated
  • Assignments created/published/updated

Rate limit

Clients are currently limited to 50 requests per second, but please note that this limit may be adjusted in the future. If the limit is exceeded, a ‘Too many requests’ error will be returned.