Instructions & Guidelines

Publishing guidelines & best practices

What’s the criteria add-ons need to meet in order to be published? 

We want to make sure that every individual using any Marketplace add-on gets a product that is useful, has high performance and uses their data responsibly.
That’s why we’ve compiled a set of instructions and guidelines that can help you build the add-on that meets these standards. Prior to building, please, take a couple of minutes and read through these to make sure that the add-on you want to build complies with the requirements listed below.

What are general guidelines for add-on content?

Become familiar with the system.

Clockify is a complex system consisting of many components with all sorts of dependencies between them: Timesheet, Timetracker, Calendar, Report, Project, etc. They all work together and complement each other perfectly. That’s why, it’s important you’re familiar with all the entities and patterns that Clockify comprises, so that you can use them in a way that Clockify’s customers are familiar with.   

To better understand elements used to build Clockify, check out Clockify’s Glossary of terms

Strive to enhance customer experience.

If you’re already our customer, you can start building an app that will benefit you and your team, solve your problems and later share it with everyone else.
If you’ve never used our product, we recommend you create a free account. Try to build something new and unique. 

Be clear about the purpose.

Sharing data with a third party can be scary for some users. Therefore, you should be clear on how what you built adds value to their customer experience and state clearly what their data will (and won’t) be used for. 

Don’t mislead your users.

Make sure you clearly stated add-on’s purpose and necessary details when creating your first version. You should also provide clear descriptions, screenshots and videos in order to describe your add-on accurately. 

Explore our branding guidelines.

Since an add-on you’re building will be part of an existing product, we suggest you take a look at our product branding guidelines and check if the assets you built follow these guidelines before you submit an add-on for a review

Make an easy setup. 

More people are likely to use an add-on that’s easy to set up. This is one of the crucial characteristics that attracts new users.
For instance, if using your product requires an account, it should be created by getting the credentials from Clockify (via our ​​/user endpoint – check this). If you need to ask customers to sign up manually, you should pre-fill some user information, e.g. user email.  

Inform user of a third-party account.

If, in order to use add-on, user needs to create a separate third-party account (i.e. log in to another service), this must be stated clearly to the user in the description and the overview of the add-on. 

Check grammar and spelling.

Add-on should not contain any typos, or grammatical errors. Therefore, check grammar and spelling prior to submitting it for a review.

Is there any type of content that is prohibited?

To ensure that Marketplace is a safe platform, we’ve created standards that define and prohibit content that is harmful, inappropriate or offensive to others.

Hate speech.

Add-ons that promote violence, or incite hatred against individuals, or a group of individuals based on race, ethnicity, religion, age, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or any other characteristic associated with discrimination will not be published.


We don’t allow add-ons that facilitate or promote violence or endangerment of an individual’s safety.

Bullying and harassment.

Add-ons that contain or encourage threats, harassment and bullying will not be published.

Harmful and malicious products.

Add-ons that promote or support any type of harmful and malicious products won’t be published.

Final note

Keep in mind that assets that contain any type of prohibited content will not be published. Also any prohibited, or harmful content that is added after reviewing and publishing, and reported by users, will be removed from the marketplace immediately.
Please note that these guidelines should be used in addition to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy Security Requirements and Listing Agreement. Be sure to read all of these documents.
Also, keep in mind that these guidelines evolve along with our business. Feel free to get in touch if you have any feedback, or suggestions.