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Publishing to the Marketplace is coming soon. You can set up your developer account, start building add-ons and prepare for launch. We'll let you know as soon as publishing becomes available.

Introduction to add-ons

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are software components that can be used to extend the functionalities of an existing application.
By building a add-on for Clockify, you can add custom interfaces or data to the time tracker, build reusable blocks for integrations, or do anything else you can think of. These add-ons can be used across multiple parts of the Clockify app, including time tracker, calendar, dashboard, reports and integrations.
This can be a powerful way to customize the functionality of the tool and provide users with new and innovative way to track their time.

Learn more about how to create and manage your add-ons here.

Why build add-ons?

By building add-ons, you’ll be able to customize the app to meet the specific needs and workflows. For example, you can add new features, or integrate the app with some other tools you use. Also, featuring your add-ons on Marketplace can help you tap into Clockify’s existing user base, reach wider audience and make it easier for potential users to discover and try out the add-on.
Along with that, our support and resources including documentation, forums and developer resources can help you build and improve your add-on.

Who will be able to use add-ons?

Add-ons can be used by anyone who is willing to browse through the Marketplace and install an add-on that suits their needs.
To ensure that add-ons meet certain standards and are compatible with Clockify app, all add-ons must be developed according to the guidelines provided by Only those that meet these standards will be approved and eventually made available in the Marketplace.
After being published in the Marketplace, your add-ons will become widely available to the Clockify’s user base, which includes a diverse range of individuals and organizations.