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Publishing paid add-ons to the Marketplace is coming soon. You will be able to create add-ons that are paid per workspace, per month. Prepare your add-ons and be the first one to reach Clockify users.

Vendor profile

What is vendor profile?

Vendor profile is a collection of information about an individual or a company that worked on building a particular add-on published in the Marketplace.
Vendor profile is created in the Vendor profile page which you can access after creating developer account.
Information provided in vendor profile will be publicly available in the Marketplace.

Vendor info should provide more information about you, such as some professional background, skills, experience, contact information and anything else you think would be relevant to users of your add-on.

Support channels section should contain some additional information about the ways in which users can reach out if they need help when using your add-on. Information provided in this section will be displayed next to each add-on you publish in the Marketplace. 

How to create vendor profile? 

To create your vendor profile, go to the Vendor profile in your developer profile page.

Fill out fields in the General tab with the following information: 

  • Vendor info – should contain information that will be part of your vendor profile in the marketplace such as:
    • Name: your name / your company’s name
    • About: short summary of your relevant qualifications and skills (e.g. your educational background, experience, areas of interest, or anything else you think would be relevant to add-on users), or your company (e.g. describe and specify type of solution you provide, areas or interest and focus) 
    • Contact info (e.g. email, phone number, social media accounts) 
  • Support channels (this information will be displayed on marketplace with each add-on you publish)
    Contact information available to add-on users in case they need customer support or additional assistance:
    • Email (optional) – your email address / your company’s email address
    • Phone (optional) – your phone number
    • Website (optional) – your website URL / your company’s website URL
    • Time zone – you / your company’s time zone
    • Days of operation – choose your / your company’s working days

Hours of operation – choose hours when you will be available to assist your users if they need any additional help or guidance / your company’s working hours